Other than a mention by Georgia’s Secretary of State, Brian Kemp at the Atlanta Tech Village regarding new Federal Crowdfunding rules, and the following testimonials from my business partners below, Normaltown has not yet received any substantial press because it is illegal for us to sell our beers to the public at this time, though we are working hard on press-worthy charity events that will boost awareness of this equity-based crowdfunding opportunity and reach our capital raise goal.

It has been surprisingly challenging to get press attention for both this groundbreaking business opportunity for Georgians, and the forward thinking nature of Normaltown as a brewery & restaurant. In an effort to paint a picture of who founder Damien Schaefer is and entice press sources to pick up the story of Normaltown’s crowdfunding campaign, we have included press and testimonials below received during Damien’s first pioneering culinary venture, “The Four Coursemen.”


Southern Living Magazine
Modern Luxury Men's Book
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“I have experienced first-hand Damien’s pursuit of culinary perfection, participating in a few of the legendary dinners he has created with fellow members of The FourCoursemen. They were nominated for a James beard award and highly acclaimed by food critics.

Through this I have had the opportunity to partner with Damien in development of his strategy and business plan. I have a great appreciation for his vision and passion for the concept of Normaltown. Whether it is creating the world’s finest artisanal Neapolitan pizza or craft beer, Damien’s passion for perfection will insure a great customer experience and, therefore, success for the enterprise.”Vincent West (co-founder/partner Normaltown Artisanal Brewery & Cucina, founder and vice chairman of Floor and Décor of America)

“We’ve known Damien for several years and have always been amazed by his creativity and energy. His drive for excellence is unmistakable and is what makes us want to be involved with this new endeavor.”Bill St. John (co-founder/partner Normaltown Artisanal Brewery & Cucina)
“If you’re among the lucky chosen few, you receive an e-mail with directions to the cottage and a time to arrive. The rest is pure enjoyment.”
Katie Kelly Bell (Southern Living Magazine)
“Considering I’ve spent the last three years reviewing restaurants for a living, I feel like I have a decent handle on the Atlanta dining scene. But when asked to name the most mind-blowing culinary experience I’ve had since joining the media ranks, my answer does not come from Bacchanalia, Bone’s or any of Atlanta’s high-brow stalwarts.

It came one chilly night last year, in a turn-of-the-century house tucked away in a quiet part of Athens…

Fabulously unique food and wine, engaging company, and a majestic setting are all engineered — not for profit, but for passion — by a group of friends who call themselves The Four Coursemen.”Jonathan Baker (Atlanta Men’s Book Magazine/Modern Luxury)

“The dinners developed a cult like following and began selling out within minutes.”Emily Kaiser (Food & Wine Magazine)
Fantastic!! I live in Napa Valley where most of our food is sustainable and we have some of the finest restaurants in the world….. But after watching the show.. I am dying to go to Athens, GA and meet these creative geniuses!! It wasn’t your usual cooking show, I loved seeing where the food came from how the Chef’s sought it out and how they brain stormed the menu!! Fun, Fun, Fun!!

I am still craving the pork belly!! What are they making next and how do I get an invite?? Better yet- when is the next show?Monica Miller (Comment from viewer of The Fourcoursemen Show on Cooking Channel)


The FourCoursemen testimonial from: Anne, Cliff, & Jill
The FourCoursemen testimonial from: Sheryl