Many harmonious combinations exist in the world of food and drink, but few rival that of pizza and beer. Normaltown Artisanal Brewery & Cucina (Normaltown for short) will be a restaurant that elevates this simple and beloved food pairing to a new level by making the best Neapolitan inspired pizzas and most innovative craft beers in the United States. By serving them together at an accessible price point in an appealing environment that encourages a sense of community, Normaltown is poised for success.

All pizzas will begin on a perfectly executed Neapolitan pizza base (dough) and will include fresh ingredients of the highest quality. They will be cooked in a wood fired pizza oven designed by master Neapolitan oven maker Ernesto Agliarulo. We will offer the best examples of the traditional Neapolitan pizza classics available on the east coast. To further separate Normaltown from our competitors, we will also use locally sourced and seasonal ingredients to create exciting new combinations that forge new culinary territory and endear us to our local Georgia customers while paying homage to the age old Neapolitan traditions that made pizza the staple in the American diet that it is today.

All Normaltown beers will be brewed on-site and will be designed with food pairings in mind. Wine has enjoyed centuries as the beverage that is most associated with food pairings. However, beer is a culinary beverage that we feel deserves a place at the table as well. There is a growing interest in the idea of food and beer pairings, and we plan to become leaders in this movement. It is our goal to make all of Normaltown’s beers the best examples of their particular style available. When appropriate, they will be elevated to a higher level by inclusion of local and seasonal culinary ingredients that enhance specific characteristics of their style.

These pizzas and beers will make up Normaltown’s core product offering. However, to ensure the best product mix, the menu will be supplemented with Italian fare, appetizers, seasonal salads, pasta dishes, desserts, a well curated and rotating list of five red wines and five white wines, cocktails, fountain drinks, and espresso drinks. Curation of these supplemental food and beverage selections will receive the same scrutiny as our pizzas and beers.

Brewpubs are often dark, dingy places that serve mediocre burgers, fish and chips, and standard pub fare. Normaltown will stand out from the crowd by creating a model for what we consider the “modern brewpub,” an open, inviting space with courteous, well-educated staff, and exciting, ever-evolving offerings of food and drink. We will offer a seasonally inspired menu of pizzas and up to 35 of our own revolving beers on draught.  Once the tanks are dry, we will replace it with another one-of-a-kind beer.

Normaltown’s staff will be extremely knowledgeable and approachable. Their expertise will empower our customers with knowledge about our ingredients, products, and processes. Our expert staff, and the knowledge the customer gains from them, will lead to a rewarding experience that is not available anywhere else.

Normaltown is a company dedicated to letting local, seasonal ingredients and cooking traditions dictate our food and beer menus, promoting local artisanal food producers by including their products in our offerings, and involving the community in the development of new recipes. Normaltown will provide leadership positions to local talent who have already built a reputation for excellence within the Georgia food and beer scene.

These efforts will lead to a passionate Normaltown customer who not only raves about the delicious food and beers, but also respects our approach to quality service and the positive impact we have on the Atlanta community and Georgia economy.  So please get involved and make this a reality for Georgia.  Share this with your social networks to help spread the word across GA by clicking on your preferred network button in the right of the screen or below on mobile phones.

Thank you for your consideration,

Damien Schaefer